3rd Metallisation Workshop


The 3rd  edition of the Workshop on Metallization of Crystalline silicon Solar Cells, held in Charleroi, Belgium, on 25-26th October 2011 was again a success. 200 specialists met to attend the workshop. Where the first workshops were still more or less an European activity, now also participants came from Japan, China, Korea, Israel, and more participants joined from the USA, demonstrating that Photovoltaics and its improvements for large scale application is a global activity.

In Charleroi, the participants came to discuss the results from 29 presentations regarding various metallization topics. See for details and the contributions the program. This time a selection of peer reviewed and citable papers from workshop contributions are published by Elsevier in the on-line journal Energy Procedia. These citable papers can be downloaded from the Proceedings 2011.

At the end of day one the program was extended with a panel debate. On the panel were representatives of relevant metallization industries moderated by Stefan Glunz from Fraunhofer ISE. The topic was: Is the future of solar cell metallization Cu plating? With subtitle: Is copper the silver bullet of solar cell metallization? Some details of this debate are discussed in our paper “Summary of the Third Workshop on Metallization for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells”, which can be found in the Proceedings 2011.




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