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NEW! Choose to attend the event remotely but interactively through live webinar.


-          Follow all or favored presentations and speakers live!

No need to be present full time. Choose your favored sessions and presentations and follow slides and speakers live to get all side information.

-          Participate in discussions through live chat!

A webinar chairperson manages comments and questions and passes them on to speakers during discussions.

-          Save time and travel costs!

Join the prime event for experts in Metallization and Interconnection of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells without travel costs!

By registering, you will get login details for the webinar. You accept that your identity and affiliation will be revealed to all workshop participants. You will be listed in the participants’ list, and questions or comments will be passed on with your name and affiliation.

The webinar will be operated by WebEx. More information and technical requirements can be found here.

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