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Monday, October 20th, 2014
9:00 - 9:10     Opening
9:10 - 10:40     Session I:  Formation of screenprinted contacts
Jooyoul Huh, Gunnar Schubert
René Hönig Fraunhofer ISE Comprehensive study on the macroscopic and microscopic electrical behavior of screen printed silver contacts to phosphorus-doped emitters
Oliver Eibl Universität Tübingen Combined microstructural and electrical characterization of metallization layers in industrial solar cells
Sung-Bin Cho  Korea University Effect of forming gas annealing on screen-printed Ag metallization of silicon solar cells
Oliver Eibl Universität Tübingen Serial and contact resistance measurements between 80 K and room temperature for industrial solar cells  
10:40 - 11:10     Coffee break
11:10 - 12:40     Session II: Optimisation of screenprinted contacts
Marco Galliazo, Giso Hahn
Tetsu Takahashi Namics Corporation New Metallization Concept for High Efficiency/Low Cost c-Si Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Bob Wind ECN New method to optimize metallization schemes for n-Pasha cells
Helge Hannebauer ISFH Optimized stencil print for low Ag paste consumption and high conversion efficiencies
Stefan Körner IKTS Basic study on the influence of glass composition and aluminum content on the Ag/Al paste contact formation to boron emitters
12:40 - 13:50     Lunch break
13:50 - 15:20     Session III: Ni/Cu plated contacts I
Jonas Bartsch, Jörg Horzel
Richard Russell IMEC The Potential for Cu-free Ni Plated Contacts Enabled by Smart Wire Connection Technology
Jonas Geissbühler STI PVLAB - EPFL Neuchâtel Electrodeposited copper front metallization for silicon heterojunction solar cells: materials and processes
Agata Lachowicz CSEM Plating on Thin Conductive Oxides for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
Zhongtian Li  UNSW Patterning for Plated Heterojunction Cells
15:20 - 15:50     Coffee break
15:50 - 17:20     Session IV:  Contacts to p-type silicon
Thomas Buck, Stefanie Riegel
Susanne Fritz Universität Konstanz  Preservation of Si surface structure by AgAl contact spots – an explanatory model
Katharina Dressler  Universität Konstanz  Void Characterization with Scanning Acoustic Microscopy and Computer Tomography
Christopher Kranz  ISFH Determination of the contact resistivity of screen-printed Al contacts formed by laser contact opening
Mathias Kamp Fraunhofer ISE Electrochemical Contact Separation for PVD Aluminum Back Contact Solar Cells 
17:20 - 18:30     Session V: Market Place Discussion
Antonin Faes CSEM SmartWire Solar Cell Interconnection Technology
Guy Beaucarne Dow Corning Ribbon bonding on busbar-less cells using Electrically Conductive Adhesives: Potential and challenges
Gisela Cimiotti Fraunhofer ISE Design rules for solar cells with plated metallization
Ran Chen UNSW Failure Modes Identified During Adhesion Testing of Metal Fingers on Silicon Solar Cells
Markus König Heraeus Precious Metals Screen Printing Ag Metallization Technology meet the challenges of today’s c-Si Solar Cell
Marco Galiazzo Applied Materials Italia Fine Line Double Printing and Advanced Process Control for Cell Manufacturing
From 18:45 Aperitiv & Dinner: "Il Boccone", Bodanstraße 20-22, 78462 Konstanz
Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
9:00 - 10:30     Session VI: From Cells to Modules
Armand Bettinelli, Valentin Mihailetchi 
Kees Broek ECN MWT cells merit a sound contact to the conductive back sheet
Pierre Papet Roth & Rau Research AG  Silver usage reduction for monofacial and bifacial heterojunction solar cells
Ines Dürr  Fraunhofer ISE Metallization Material Qualification in terms of Damp Heat Induced Degradation (DHID)
Evert Bende ECN The effect of reduced silver paste consumption on the cost per Wp for MWT-cell modules and H-pattern cell modules.
10:30 - 11:00     Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30     Session VII:  Metallization Technology
Aba Ebong, Ralf Preu
Andreas Lorenz  Fraunhofer ISE High Throughput Flexographic Printing for Front Side Metallization of Busbar-less Solar Cells
Maximilian Pospischil Fraunhofer ISE Dispensing Technology on the Route to an Industrial Metallization Process
Michael Zenou Orbotech Solar cell metallization by laser transfer of metal micro-droplets
Jan Lossen ISC / Utilight  Pattern Transfer Printing (PTP™) for c-Si PV solar cell metallization
12:30 - 13:30     Lunch break
13:30 - 15:00     Session VIII: Ni/Cu plated contacts II
Pietro Altermatt, Richard Russell
Jörg Horzel Rena Shifting the limits with Cu based Metallisation and Advanced Plating technology
Achim Kraft Fraunhofer ISE Characterization of copper diffusion in silicon solar cells
Shruti Jambaldinni Fraunhofer ISE Investigation of Salicide Process from Sputtered Nickel on Structured SiNx ARC Layers for Mono-crystalline Si Solar Cells 
Guy Beaucarne Dow Corning Non-contacting busbars for advanced cell structures using low temperature Cu paste
15:00 - 15:30     Closing
15:30 - 16:00     Coffee and Goodbye




















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